Inclusivity – We are open to every North Carolinian and value people from all walks of life

Collaboration - We believe everyone can contribute towards the goal of reforming marijuana (cannabis) laws

Transparency - Clarity on how and why decisions are made fosters trust in our organization

Personal and Professional Growth - Embrace participation by supporters to stretch your comfort zone, allowing you to leverage your unique talents and experiences to help legalization

Cannabis knowledge – We provide resources to help advocates find their niche within the organization to grow their knowledge and confidence

Non-discrimination – We do not tolerate policies and actions that discriminate against individuals for any reason

Positive advocacy – We promote policies through constituent and elected official support including, but not limited to:

  • Legalizing cannabis for North Carolinians and undoing prior convictions or charges for marijuana (cannabis) offenses
  • Promoting equity within the cannabis industry

Creating an environment of respect for each other’s lived experiences and are grateful for each person’s value in the movement

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