Veteran Email and Leadership Positions

  • An email to copy/paste and send to your Senator in the General Assembly (especially if you are a vet!)
  • How you can apply to join our Leadership Team
  • A report from our lobbyist

1. Email your Senator

Dear Senator (insert your Senator's name),

In the 20 years since the terrorist attacks of September 11th, the United States has been engaged in constant combat operations. Many veterans are exiting the service and finding that their transition into civilian life isn't as easy as they thought. Much of this is due to the mental and physical wounds of war that can take a lifetime to heal from properly. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder affects 1 in 4 veterans, often when left undiagnosed; this can spiral into opioid or alcohol abuse, homelessness, incarceration, and or suicide/death. Former service members are self-medicating with cannabis, and recent research has shown great promise in its use to combat PTSD, substance dependency, as well as lead to a decrease in overall suicide rates. 

Cannabis is a life-saving medicine, and it has been proven that ending prohibition leads to better outcomes for individuals and communities. 

For the good of all in the Old North State, legislators must agree to legalize cannabis and remove prohibition's stigma. The freedom of choice should not be controversial. The North Carolina General Assembly must legalize cannabis immediately. 


(Your name, county, and note if you have served in the Military)

When you get responses, please log the details in this short form so that our lobbyist will have the most current info on the 170 people who have the power to vote for legislation! 

If you have personal relationships with any lawmakers, please email [email protected] to work on a meeting.

2. Apply to join NC NORML Leadership!

If you've followed us over the last couple of years, you have seen how much of an impact we are having at the NCGA, and you are receiving great information through to help prepare you to be a strong advocate. We have gotten our arms around the massive workload to have an effective, influential organization representing THE PEOPLE (patients and consumers). NC NORML has processes and tools to manage things efficiently to make the most of everyone's time in this 100% volunteer organization. As a result, we've better clarified the roles and responsibilities of NC NORML leaders and expanded the number of Executive Committee positions. If you are interested in applying, we'd love to talk with you! Everything you need is at Please don't be shy, as there's a team of folks to help train you and support you in this work! Orientation sessions are coming up on the 4th, 12th, and 15th - register at  

FAQ about NC NORML Leadership:

1. Are any of these positions paid? NC NORML is run entirely by volunteers. Everything we do is only possible due to the unpaid labor of the dedicated team of leaders and advocates.

2. I have so many amazing ideas. Can I just come into leadership and tell others what to do? No one runs the show. We are servants to constituents and patients, which is reflected in the mission. At, decisions are made by the executive committee along with the whole team. If you read over the Values, you'll understand why we rarely even take votes. Every team member brings value, and ideas tend to blossom only after all these gifts and lived experiences can help it do so. The entire team is brainstorming, developing, and executing plans. No one dictates anyone else's work.

Lobbyist's Raleigh Report

Check out the NC NORML newsroom to watch this WRAL interview with our member Jordan Slade and share it far and wide. 

S301 - Expand Expunction Eligibility has been ratified (meaning that it passed the NC House and Senate and was signed by the Governor, and is now law) 

Please consider thanking the sponsors: Britt; Daniel; Lee (Primary); Mayfield; Mohammed; Murdock; Robinson Clark; Corbin; deViere; Garrett; Hise; Marcus.  The  will reduce difficulty removing criminal records, including cannabis.

The NCGA is taking a long weekend, returning on Tuesday, September 7th, 2021.

As Always:

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