Creative Advocacy

We don’t have traditional influences like PACs (Political Action Committees give to campaigns), businesses, lobbyists, etc. so we need to be creative. 

Most communication is currently through emails and lobbyists. So we’re asking you to take the time now to write a short handwritten personal note and MAIL it with an actual stamp 😉 to make your communication stand out.  Legislators take office on January 1, 2021, and will be sworn in on January 13, 2021 when the General Assembly convenes.

Legislators basically fall in two groups of world view: urban (justice, evidence) and rural (liberty, self-determination, religion). Even though rural legislators control the General Assembly, we need to address the world views of both urban and rural legislators.

Review our Advocacy Training videos and summary on the Effective Advocacy section of our website, and email [email protected] with questions.  

Your short hand written note makes an impression, and will help you form a relationship with your legislators.

Dear ____:

Congratulations and thank you for serving NC

  • Maybe add a personal note – I have a personal concern about cannabis legalization. My friend needs cannabis for PTSD \ My cousin in a legalized state can …
  • I (you) will be sending you information about cannabis in the next few months. 
  • I (you) would appreciate the opportunity to answer your questions about cannabis and an opportunity to meet through Zoom to discuss the importance of cannabis. 
  • Include evidence about cannabis you’d like to share with legislators.

If you need more information to share with your legislators, the fact sheets on our website have timely, accurate cannabis information.

Home addresses, phone numbers, and emails of General Assembly 2021-2022:

If you hear back from your legislator please keep NC NORML informed, your input contributes greatly to our ability to legalize cannabis.

Who will serve in the General Assembly in the 2021-2022 session? Learn how changes might affect the future of cannabis legislation in our most recent Cannabis Session “The Impact of the 2020 NCGA Election on the Future of Cannabis in NC” 

JOIN NC NORML activists to legalize cannabis!  Help NC NORML build the environment that will inspire legislators to legalize cannabis. All of us are needed.

As always:

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