Do Your Legislators Know 73% Of North Carolinians Support Medical Cannabis?

Please educate your legislators about the history of cannabis and that 73% of North Carolinians support legalizing medical cannabis.

You can copy and paste the following email text, and send it to all the legislators in your county.

Dear Senator or Representative (legislators name):

During your time in office, I ask that you consider the harms that prohibiting cannabis has caused. Cannabis was widely used by physicians 85 years ago. Shortly after alcohol prohibition was repealed, cannabis prohibition was enacted despite the objections of the American Medical Association. 

A recent WebMD poll finds that a majority of physicians support legal cannabis.

A 2020 Fox8/Emerson poll showed that a majority of the residents of North Carolina support medical cannabis.

NC Data reveals that more than 185,000 North Carolinians were arrested for marijuana possession alone between 2008-2018. Note: these are merely the number of people who were charged with marijuana possession, this doesn’t include any arrests for growing or selling marijuana.

These arrests cost an estimated $370 million to North Carolinians in penalties and attorney fees. In 2019 alone, nearly 75,000 North Carolinians were charged with the victimless crime of cannabis possession. Meanwhile, the majority of US residents have the liberty to use medical cannabis that North Carolinians are prohibited.

The Cato Institute issued a study that estimated potential savings and revenue if North Carolina had legalized cannabis in 2016. Local and state governments could have saved $263 million in expenditures. Cato estimated NC could have realized potential revenue of $126 million.

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