Cannabis Legalization Could Yield Millions in Medicaid Savings Annually

Cannabis Legalization Could Yield Millions in Medicaid Savings Annually.

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Medicaid savings could be significant for North Carolina with legalized cannabis.

Health Affairs (2014) published a financial analysis estimating potential Medicaid savings of $3.89 billion nationally. It appears that when cannabis is available, patients substitute cannabis for more addictive, less effective and more harmful prescription drugs. National savings for fee-for-service Medicaid would have been about $1.01 billion, with an average state savings of $20 million a year. Adding Medicaid managed care brings the potential savings to $3.89 billion nationally. SOURCE: Health Affairs - Medical Marijuana Laws May Be Associated With A Decline In The Number Of Prescriptions For Medicaid Enrollees

As we noted in last week’s Nugget, the ​Cato Institute​ issued a study estimating North Carolina budget savings regarding cannabis enforcement could be $263 million.  SOURCE: The Budgetary Effects of Ending Drug Prohibition

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