Over a quarter of a billion dollars in savings for NC

We’ve launched a petition to tell legislators that their constituents support immediate access to medical cannabis. www.ncnorml.org/petition You can also print and post paper versions to gather signatures and email full sheets to us at [email protected] so they can be added to the master petition. Help get 10s of thousands in a month’s time. 

Please send the following email to your Representative and Senator in the NCGA (Find Your Legislators

Dear Senator/Representative (insert name),

How would you like to find an extra $¼ billion for the NC State Budget (in 2016 dollars)?  The Cato Institute issued a study that estimated $¼ billion potential savings if North Carolina had legalized cannabis in 2016. Local and state governments could have saved $263 million in expenditures - courts, law enforcement and medical costs. Not to mention Cato also estimated $126 million in potential revenue. 

The conservative Reason Foundation reviewed marijuana data and concluded “the evidence suggests that legalization of marijuana for medical or recreational use reaffirms individual liberty” without harming the public. Legalization has potential medical benefits and appears to reduce crime as well as traffic deaths.


(your name and county)


When you get responses, please log the details in this short form so that our lobbyist will have the most current info on the 170 people who have the power to vote for legalization!

If you have personal relationships with any of the lawmakers, please email Janis Ramquist to work on a meeting.

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