Tell House Leaders How Effective Cannabis is for Many Medical Conditions

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1. Make Calls - Our calls and emails are making a difference! Our pro-bono Government Affairs Consultant is seeing that NC NORML is now a known entity in the halls of the NC General Assembly. This week, we need to repeat our calls to the House Health, Rules Agriculture Committee Chairs and leaders.  Your personal messages and experiences are important. The whole list will take 10-15 min to call or at least email so they get thousands of messages. If you called last week, call again.  It’s a numbers game.

  • Please support medical cannabis because I need it for……

  • Please support medical cannabis so that physicians make the medical decisions.

If you want something else to say: 

  • Fibromyalgia patients benefits from cannabis

  • Research indicates that THC might reverse the age-related decline in cognitive performance 

  • Cannabis use was independently associated with a lower prevalence of diabetes mellitus (DM). 

  • Smoked medicinal cannabis is a useful cost-effective tool for treatment of chronic neuropathic pain


Kristin Baker, MD: (919) 733-5861; [email protected] – Physician

John R. Bell, IV: (919) 715-3017; [email protected] – Business Development

William D. Brisson: (919) 733-5772; [email protected] – Farmer

Jimmy Dixon: (919) 715-3021; [email protected] – Farmer

Destin Hall: (919) 733-5931; [email protected] – Attorney

Jon Hardister: (919) 733-5191; [email protected] – Marketing

Kelly Hastings: (919) 715-2002; [email protected] – Realtor

Brenden H. Jones: (919) 733-5821; [email protected] – Small Business Owner

Donny Lambeth: (919) 733-5747; [email protected] – Consultant

Jeffrey McNeely: (919) 733-5661; [email protected] – Owner Trucking

Tim Moore, Speaker: (919) 733-3451; [email protected] – Attorney

Larry Potts: (919) 715-0873; [email protected] – Real Estate Inv., Contractor

Wayne Sasser: (919) 733-5908; [email protected] – Pharmacist, Medical Pharmacy

Larry C. Strickland: (919) 733-5849; [email protected] – Real Estate App., Farmer

John Szoka: (919) 733-9892; [email protected] – Mortgage Lender

John A. Torbett: (919) 733-5868; [email protected] – Legislator

Donna McDowell White: (919) 733-5605; [email protected] – Nurse


2. Celebrate! NC NORML was named NORML Chapter of the Year and we’re celebrating with past, present, and future volunteers and supporters. RSVP to join!

3. Internship Applications To apply to be an intern with NC NORML, please fill out the application form. Feel free to include a resume or references, but it is not required. Available positions: 



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