2021-09-09 Leadership

We apologize, we goofed! 
The incorrect link for applications went out previously. It is actually www.NCNORML.org/Positions

Apply to join NC NORML Leadership!

If you've followed us over the last couple of years, you have seen how much of an impact we are having at the NCGA, and you are receiving great information through www.NCNORML.org to help prepare you to be a strong advocate.

We have gotten our arms around the massive workload to have an effective, influential organization representing THE PEOPLE (patients and consumers). NC NORML has established the processes and tools to manage things efficiently to make the most of everyone's time in this 100% volunteer organization. As a result, we've better clarified the roles and responsibilities of NC NORML leaders and expanded the number of Executive Committee positions.

If you are interested in applying, we'd love to talk with you! Everything you need is at www.NCNORML.org/positions. Please don't be shy, as there's a team of folks to help train you and support you in this work!

Please note - Orientation attendance is a requirement for NC NORML volunteers, especially those considering a leadership position! The team is offering more flexible options, but if neither date works for you, please let us know by replying to this email! Register for one of these session on Sept 12th or 15th at www.NCNORML.org/events.  


FAQ about leadership:

  1. Are any of these positions paid? NC NORML is run entirely by volunteers. Everything we do is only possible due to the unpaid labor of the dedicated team of leaders and advocates.
  2. I have so many amazing ideas. Can I just come into leadership and tell others what to do? No one runs the show. We are servants to constituents and patients, which is reflected in the mission. At www.NCNORML.org, decisions are made by the executive committee along with the whole team. If you read over the Values www.NCNORML.org/about, you'll understand why we rarely even take votes. Every team member brings value, and ideas tend to blossom only after all these gifts and lived experiences can help it do so. The entire team is brainstorming, developing, and executing plans. No one dictates anyone else's work.