Cannabis Efficacy is Dose Dependent

NC NORML witnessed NC cannabis history on June 30, 2021! 

The first vote supporting medical cannabis was taken in the NC Senate Judiciary Committee passing with one dissenting vote.   S711, a restrictive medical cannabis bill sets up a Medical Commission to evaluate medical conditions to be approved for cannabis use in NC.  Some conditions will be approved when the bill passes and all the regulatory aspects of cannabis are put in place.  It could take a few years. The adopted committee substitute will be posted here in the next few days, look for the version dated 6/30/2021

Next: S 711 will be heard in the Senate Finance Committee to discuss the financial aspects of the bill.  If it passes Senate Finance it will be heard in the Senate Health Committee as early as the week of July 12.  If it passes Senate Health it will be referred to Senate Rules and when passing Rules Committee it will be scheduled for 2 Senate floor votes.

Once S711 passes the Senate, the whole process will be repeated in the House.  Although we have a majority of votes in the House we have weak support among the leadership so we have hard work to do yet.  Please continue to respond to our action alerts.  We are at the point that we can be targeted and every one of your emails and calls are very important.

Please send each of the following Senators a separate email.  Personalizing your email would be great! 

Senate Health Committee Chairs: 

Senator Jim Perry ( [email protected]

Senator Joyce Krawiec ([email protected]

Senator Jim Burgin ([email protected])


The British Journal of Pharmacology found that, due to the complex components of cannabis, the synergy of the whole plant may be more effective than its isolated parts. Researchers found that substances within cannabis, including CBD, can offset the effects of THC.

The Journal of Molecular Cancer Therapeutics reported the efficacy of CBD:THC ratio of 1:1 in combination with radiation is effective in treating brain cancer. The Indica strain of cannabis used for brain tumors is between 25%-35% THC. The conclusion was “the triple combination of CBD, THC, and irradiation significantly inhibited tumor progression in an orthotopic syngeneic model.”

The Yale Journal of Biological Medicine reported that higher THC levels are associated with greater PTSD relief while higher CBD levels are not statistically significant predictors of symptom relief.  Measuring depression and cannabinoid levels found that THC levels were the strongest independent predictors of symptom relief, while CBD levels were generally unrelated to real-time changes in symptom intensity levels.”


When you get responses, please log the details in this short form so that our lobbyist will have the most current info on the 170 people who have the power to vote for legislation! 

If you have personal relationships with any of the lawmakers, please email [email protected] to work on a meeting.

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