Cannabis Prohibition Harms North Carolina Residents

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Between 1999-2016 12,000 North Carolinians died from opioid overdose.  Zero cannabis overdoses.

The Mayo Clinic determined addiction rates to major drugs: Nicotine (32%), Heroin (23%), cocaine (17%), alcohol (15%), and marijuana (9%).  

The Journal of the American Medical Association reported that medical cannabis laws are associated with significantly lower state-level opioid overdose mortality rates

The Journal of Pain found “among study participants that medical cannabis use was associated with a 64% decrease in opioid use (n = 118), decreased number and side effects of medications, and an improved quality of life (45%). This study suggests that many CP (chronic pain) patients are essentially substituting medical cannabis for opioids and other medications for CP treatment, and finding the benefit and side effect profile of cannabis to be greater than these other classes of medications.”


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