A Few Tasks For Cannabis & Criminal Justice Reform in NC!

From elections to the NC Task Force for Racial Equity, we have unprecedented opportunities to shape the future of cannabis reform in NC. Quick steps you can take this week:

You may already be familiar with the Governor-created Task Force for Racial Equity in Criminal Justice. This task force was created to address racism in NC’s criminal justice system. A few months ago, we shared tips for how to submit a public comment to this task force: https://www.ncnorml.org/the-governor-is-accepting-criminal-justice-comments-also-3rd-thursday-chat-coming-up/

Several working groups as well as the entire Task Force will be holding meetings in the coming weeks. https://governor.nc.gov/events/list Each individual meeting entry has YouTube links for the meetings.

A Public Comment Session is coming up 10/16 at 10AM: https://governor.nc.gov/news/events/2020/10/16/public-comment-session-3/public-comment-session-3

Please sign up to share a public comment at this session or submit your comment through the public feedback form to the Task Force: https://governor.nc.gov/issues/public-safety/trec-public-feedback-form

Here is NC NORML’s statement to this task force. https://www.ncnorml.org/nc-normls-public-remarks-to-the-governors-task-force-on-racial-equity-in-criminal-justice/ 

If you aren’t sure what to write, here are some points you can include in your comment:

  • Racial disparities in arrest rates 
  • Addiction rates (cannabis vs. other legal substances)
  • The impact cannabis reform could have on heroin use and the opioid epidemic

We have lots of facts and data available on these and many other topics in our fact sheets: https://www.ncnorml.org/fact-sheets/

Absentee Voting 

Early voting starts this month and will go from 10/15 – 10/31/20. Those of you who have submitted absentee voting requests should already be receiving your ballots in the mail. 

Here is a great resource to check registration, help you create your voter plan, and also to help your friends and family vote: https://secure.everyaction.com/026QzQgZ3EyvQ6_pygy13g2?ms=RA_NAACP

As always:

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