Are You Ready To Help NC NORML Celebrate 4/20 All Month Long?

As you may know, NC NORML has been in a building phase for the last few months after merging local chapters in order to streamline our strategy.

Our team has taken this time to work through different processes, including establishing our various boards and committees in preparation to ensure that our statewide chapter has a strong foundation..

We are now excited to move forward with our mission of educating, empowering, and activating North Carolinians and elected officials to honor the individual liberty of adult consumers to responsibly use and/or grow cannabis for medical or personal purposes. You can read more about the tactics we’ll be implementing in our 2020 - 2025 Strategic Plan here:

Hear more about the plan in our last board chat here:

Some tasks YOU can help with as we implement this strategic plan:

  1. Celebrate 4/20 all month long by participating in our 4/20 Membership Drive. After all - what better time to organize our friends to help us in our cannabis reform mission! We recognize that this is a time of great financial uncertainty for too many people, so we understand that donating money may be difficult. Please keep reading for other ways to support the movement to legalize.
  2. Share the link above to encourage your network of friends to join as well.
  3. Make sure we have your county for targeted actions specific to your state legislators by signing up here:
  4. Put your unique skills to use by joining a NC NORML Committee. Some committees require as little as 2-4 hours of your volunteer time a month. Take a few minutes to read more about the different committee participant positions available from Communications to Events to Legislative & Education here:

Let’s take this opportunity to organize this month of 4/20 so that we can create the 4/20 celebrations we aspire to in years to come! 

As always:

- Sign up at so we can reach you with specific information on your representatives.

- Stay up-to-date by checking in on our website and following NC NORML on social media:

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