Catch Up On What NC NORML Has Been Up To!

NC NORML has been exploring our theme of cannabis and the criminal justice system all month.

Last week on our Third Thursday Board Chat (, we welcomed special guest Lamar Proctor who shared his experiences from working as both a prosecutor and a  defense attorney.

He walked us through what he has learned about marijuana arrests and the process of what happens when an officer finds somebody to be in possession of marijuana. Lamar pointed out how quickly this process has the potential to be expensive: from the moment a person has to make bail if arrested, all the way through the court costs and fees. He supported the removal of arrests for simple marijuana possession as a ‘laudable statutory goal.’

As cannabis advocates, we certainly agree that this step towards reform will be a laudable goal, and we know that we will achieve these changes to our criminal justice system and cannabis reform through being involved in the conversation. To that end, we hosted a virtual cannabis advocacy training, where participants learned how to have an effective advocacy conversation with legislators. 

We learned from our advocacy training event that key components of being an effective advocacy conversation involve knowing the plan for legalizing cannabis, having productive meetings with lawmakers, and leveraging social media. If you missed out on this training session, we have resources available on our website ( to learn about different ways to be a cannabis advocate as well as how to provide constituency feedback to support the NC NORML mission of cannabis reform.

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