Don’t Miss Out! Tomorrow Is Your Last Chance To Fix Voter Registration Issues While Voting

Don't miss out! Tomorrow is your last chance to fix voter registration issues!

We have the opportunity to impact policy with the Task Force for Racial Equity in Criminal Justice (TREC) to recommend justice changes. Promote cannabis legalization by commenting at

You can use the message below, but it’s best if you add your own words.

Although consumption of marijuana by Black and white Americans is similar, the ACLU found that Black Americans are nearly 4x more likely to be charged for possession of cannabis. Moreover the consequences for Black Americans interacting with law enforcement can be deadly.  Marijuana laws are often used as justifications to unfairly target non-white and poor people.

Law enforcement should concentrate on violent criminal activity.  More than 185,000 North Carolinians were arrested for marijuana possession between 2008-2018.  Meanwhile, states with legalized cannabis see reductions in opioid and cocaine use.

It is ridiculous that cannabis with a 9% addiction rate is illegal when alcohol at 15% addiction rate is freely accessible to adults 21 and older (Mayo Clinic data). States with legal cannabis actually experience reductions of violence and fatal traffic accidents.  

If you won’t legalize cannabis at least recommend ending cannabis as probable cause for searches.

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This team of volunteers will commit to training and personal interaction with legislators. Check our Events page for Effective Advocacy training dates and times, and be sure to RSVP!

If you already have information about your legislators, please share it with us  - constituent insights help to inform our legislative strategy.

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