NC NORML is the state’s organization to push for legal cannabis on behalf of adult consumers, patients, and anyone else who needs safe and legal access to cannabis.

What is NC NORML?

North Carolina’s statewide chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws includes consumers and constituents advocating for the legalization of cannabis in a market that favors consumers over giant corporations.

What happens to NC NORML after legalization? 

We’re not done! If history is any indication, much work will remain to ensure NC’s consumers, entrepreneurs, and constituents have full access and rights.

To date, no state that has legalized cannabis has gotten everything right. For example, NORML chapters in legal states are working to protect workers who may still be subject to drug testing, custody issues, clearing criminal records, equitable access to the market, home grow rights, and more.

What can I do to help achieve the mission?

There are loads of tasks that always need doing! A list of immediate needs will be available on the website soon to see what might be of interest to you.

What is NC NORML’s Organizational Structure?

The Board of Directors and other advisors make up the Executive Committee, which meets twice a month to collaborate on all the intersecting initiatives getting NC closer to legalization. It’s an open meeting for active volunteers to join. Other committees are meeting and working at a more detailed level on various initiatives, including Communications, Events, Legislative & Education, and Fundraising.

What does it take to volunteer with NC NORML?

Bring your ideas and the motivation to work on them. This is not a traditional hierarchy where you put up an idea and expect others to do it. Instead, the idea-creators find colleagues to execute. The culture is very open and there’s willingness to try on all sorts of ideas; more about seeking support than permission.

I would like to volunteer, but I worry about being stereotyped if anyone knows I’m working toward legalization. 

There are countless reasons why people work toward legalization, and those are important to share whenever you can. It helps to put the human face to the cause. Maybe you have a friend or relative in a legal state that has more options for their healthcare than you and you simply want the same access they have. With friends and family, and even acquaintances, sharing why this cause is important to you is a great start to advocacy. We also recognize that people may have reasons for staying in the cannabis closet, and we respect the rights of our volunteers to their anonymity.

Does NC NORML have paid staff? 

No, all workers are unpaid volunteers, including the Board of Directors

What is it like to serve on the NC NORML Board?

We are all unpaid volunteers. The Board meets twice a month in Executive Committee meetings. The meetings are open to be attended by other active volunteers. We monitor our progress toward the annual goals, including the budget, as well as adherence to the organizational bylaws.

Board members serve a two year term.

The Board of Directors is the public face of NC NORML - we choose to be visible activists to encourage others to feel safe to speak out. Anyone who wishes to be behind the scenes and not be visible can do that too.

How can I join the NC NORML Board?

The Board is filled from the many active volunteers. The Application and Selection process will open periodically for filling vacancies. Preference will always be weighted toward people who have actively worked toward NC NORML’s mission. You can become a volunteer by signing up for and attending Orientation, and then joining the projects and committees that are in your areas of interest or expertise.