Find Out Where Your NC House & Senate Candidates Stand on Cannabis Legalization

Continuing with the theme for September, “I’m an Active Cannabis Advocate - and I VOTE!”,

we want to remind you that one way you can contribute is to research/reach out to the candidates for the NC General Assembly in your districts to see where they stand and report that information to us.

  1. Check out the candidates on Smoke the Vote:
  2. Check out our Cannabis Session: How to Read/Use Smoke the Vote here
  3. Follow the candidates on social media or visit their campaign website to learn. If you find info that we don't have, please use the Constituent Insight Form so we can get the most complete information out there

Reminder: Confirm your voter registration status by visiting 

You can also be a more informed voter by checking out our Third Thursday Chat with the Board at 8:00pm on September 17th. We have invited the candidates for NC Commissioner of Agriculture Steve Troxler-R (Incumbent) and Jenna Wadsworth-D to talk about the future of cannabis in North Carolina. This is a great opportunity for you to hear their visions and ask questions!

As always:

- Sign up at so we can reach you with specific information on your representatives.

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