Here’s A #MyNCCannabisStory To Inspire Creating Your Own For Effective Activism!

Let every voice be heard! Activism must take many forms because not every legislator responds to the same cues.

Some legislators may respond to “just the facts” and want to see clear well-substantiated research. We are posting fact sheets on our website ( that include links to resources that should be persuasive to these legislators. Other legislators respond to people telling their own reasons for why changing the laws matters on a personal level.

When you tell your story you change hearts and minds. 

Here is one of the stories sent to us by courageous advocates like you:

My Husband And I Are Disabled - This Is Our #MyNCCannabisStory

My husband and I moved here from Florida. Leaving Florida was a hard choice to make. Florida’s medical marijuana program really changed our quality of life but the heat and rapid growth made us decide to move here to this gorgeous peaceful state. 

We are both disabled - my husband is a veteran and 70% disabled and I have a history of surgeries and chronic pain. Doctors tell me their hands are tied as far as prescribing the medications that alleviate my pain and help me function. These meds along with my medical cannabis made my life easier and definitely more functional - my quality of life has gone down without it. My husband's life is also harder without medical cannabis and the new VA hospital system will not give him anything to help alleviate pain.

I keep praying that sooner rather than later, NC will see the benefits of this natural plant, not only for us suffering but for the state as a whole! We don’t want to resort to illegal means to obtain what is truly a medication! 

Don’t get me wrong, we love it here! I wrote Representative Foxx and Senator Tillis. Both mentioned concerns about heroin - how sad that they think cannabis bears any resemblance to heroin.

Read our recent Cannabis Session on this topic for guidance on developing your story and sample stories 

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