How Do You Research Lawmakers’ Positions On Cannabis?

Achieving legislative change for legalizing cannabis is predicated on having legislators in place who support cannabis reform.

Know who is on your ballot. First things first, you’ll need to know who to research! A tool you can use to explore your ballot is Vote411:

In this tool, you can enter your address and compare all the candidates that will be on your ballot in order to create a personalized ballot.

Know what’s important to you. As a cannabis advocate, a candidate’s response on cannabis reform should obviously be an area of consideration. However, be sure to understand other areas that may inform the candidate’s cannabis reform measures, such as their stance on campaign finance, healthcare, and criminal justice reform.

Seek additional information on candidate platforms. In the digital age, in addition to the limited information you can find via Vote411 candidate responses, most candidates will also have a website that usually lists out further details on their platforms. Explore the information that is important to them and the plans they are proposing to get there.

Know how the incumbent has voted in the past. While knowing how a challenger will vote on a specific issue will be determined based on the actions they take once they are in office, the information on how an incumbent has voted is already available for you to review. Find out how incumbents voted on key bills by going to Using the lookup tool, you can search by member or for votes on a specific bill.

Take Action Now:

  1. Set some time aside this week to research lawmakers in order to make an informed decision when you vote.
  2. Make sure your friends and family also have a voting plan. You can look up information on voting through the NORML website here:
  3. Request Absentee ballot online and mail it in or drop it off at your board of elections.
  4. Mark your calendar for a week after you mailed your ballot to confirm it was received and accepted.

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