How Is The Foundation We’ve Been Building Setting Us Up For Success?

Are you into remodeling and DIY projects? North Carolina NORML was founded in 2010 and has undergone a number of minor changes since – now we are ready to undertake a more significant change.

The regional/local chapters will pool resources and efforts to build a stronger NC NORML that will be focused on legislation and legislators, while we continue to seek to reform marijuana laws through education and outreach activities across the state of North Carolina.

We’ll be moving forward with a revamped website, Twitter, Instagram, and the existing chapter Facebook pages will be re-named to better align regionally across the state.  (More to come on this topic!). In the meantime, be sure you find us at the links below:

Catch our first board chat on Youtube on Thursday, October 24 at 7PM (rescheduled from 10/10). You can livestream from our YouTube channel – if you subscribe to our channel, you will be notified whenever we go live!

Or you can always email us at [email protected] 

We know you will be just as excited about this more coordinated, more powerful NC NORML!

Weekly Action:

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