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You may already be used to reading our Weekly Nuggets - formerly referred to as our “5 Minute Actions.”

These “Nuggets” provide weekly reminders for ways to stay informed and engaged with cannabis reform in North Carolina. For the times where cannabis advocates have more than 5 minutes to spare, we go into more details on cannabis reform topics in our blog or Cannabis Sessions. 

A few months ago in our Nugget “Why Isn’t Marijuana Legal in NC Yet? NC ‘Decriminalized’ Minor Possession in 1972,” we briefly discussed the newly-released 2020 ACLU Research Report, “A Tale of Two Countries: Racially Targeted Arrests in the Era of Marijuana Reform.” 

This report presented several sobering key findings. We discussed the facts from the report that a Black person in North Carolina is 3.3 times more likely to be arrested for marijuana offenses than a white person, despite similar rates of use. Unfortunately, this is one of several racial disparities that this report covers. When you have a few minutes, we strongly recommend you read our Cannabis Session this week to analyze several additional key findings from the report to ensure we advocate for racial justice in our fight for cannabis reform.

Read “A Tale of Two States?” here: https://www.ncnorml.org/a-tale-of-two-states/

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