How Can We End Enforcement Of Cannabis Laws AND Keep The Cannabis Conversation Going?

Following our August theme of “Criminal Injustice and Cannabis”, we want to remind you that District Attorneys and County Sheriffs are making decisions every day about whether or not to charge people with cannabis “crimes”.

They are elected officials too! We will come back to this later to provide tools and techniques to effect change right in your own county.  Most municipal elections occur in odd # years, and coming up Nov 2021! 

You can impact Reform of Marijuana Laws THIS year by voting for candidates by Nov 3rd who will act to change laws in Congress (13 US House, 1 US Senate seats are up for re-election) and in the General Assembly (50 Senate and 120 House seats are up for reelection).

Smoke the Vote:

Take a look at “Smoke the Vote” and help us fill in more details:

If you have spoken with your state legislators, or have seen news on their opinions related to cannabis, please save the details and be on the lookout for a new form we will release for entering that info. Then, we will be able to also provide customized content to help you advance the conversations with your lawmakers, meeting them where they are.

We’ll have a Cannabis Session blog post with more details about the Smoke the Vote guide soon!

Get Ready to Vote:

Elections are decided by those who show up. Will North Carolina’s cannabis community’s voice be heard on November 3?

It’s up to us. Let’s legalize it. #NORML #vote #registertovote #smokethevote #legalizeit #legalizeamerica

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