NC Needs You To End The War On Cannabis

Can’t wait to act?  Here are some suggestions.

If not, please keep reading and come back to these.

  1. Your 2020 NC NORML Membership will help us fund more candidate forums and fun events than ever!  
  2. Read the NC NORML 2019 Annual Report here
  3. Sign and share our petition if you haven’t yet!
  4. Check out our “Help Wanted” blog and learn how you can get involved: 

2019 was a year of a lot of work in the background to build a sturdy foundation from which we can have a larger impact on cannabis law reform in NC.   Let’s take a look at what we’ve accomplished and consider our goals for 2020: 

  • NEW website launched on a new platform to save money and improve access to expanded and increasing resources
  • Standardized and Formalized Executive Committee Meetings
    • 3rd Thursday Board Chats
    • Bylaws, Requirements, Ethical Guidelines, and Other Organizational Files
    • New Leadership Application and Selection Process Coming Soon
    • Multi-Year Strategic Plan in Development
  • Learned and Implemented Effective Meeting Management Tools and Techniques
    • Meeting Workbooks for Notes and Agendas
    • Slack Communication Between Meetings
    • Airtable Project Management Tool for Tracking Tasks and Deadlines
  • Cross-chapter Meetings Started; Morphed into Statewide Merger for Greater Effectiveness with Less Overhead
  • Launched Communications Committee
    • Weekly Actions
    • Blogs
    • Send in Blue for Email Communications before switching to Action Network
    • Reactivated All Social Media Platforms
    • Created Regional Facebook Pages
  • Launched Legislative & Education Committee
    • Legislative Strategy
    • Candidate Questionnaire Being Fielded
    • Constituent Advocacy Education
  • Launched Events Committee
    • Candidate Cannabis Conversation Coming in February
    • A Month of 4/20's in 2020
  • Membership Refresh
    • Membership now runs on the Calendar Year
    • New, improved Membership Levels and Process for Welcome

We’ve accomplished all these tasks with a volunteer Board, consistent meetings, holding one another accountable to get the tasks completed while increasing NC NORML’s overall effectiveness!

To make the impact needed to continue our growth, we have established a working budget for 2020.  Our goal this year for membership funds is $12,500.00 to ensure that we are able to have as many events as possible and to cover production costs.      

A strong foundation of strong material is now finished and we need you to take us to the next level.  

As always:

  • If you aren’t on our email list or have friends, family, and neighbors who aren’t, sign up at (NOTE: If you already completed the form and didn’t know who your reps were or their positions, you can re-submit it. We will take care of cleaning up duplicates.)
  • You can also stay up-to-date by following NC NORML on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter and check in on our website at Please subscribe to our YouTube channel: and check out our monthly Board Chats. We also have regional Facebook pages that you can join to have conversations with your NORML neighbors.