NC NORML Employs Creative Advocacy

Include a personal note saying you want access to cannabis.

Ideas: Talk about someone you know in another state and their access.  Refer to a specific condition you have and cite a study showing how cannabis could work for you. See fact sheets link below.

Legislators' Contact Info:

If you hear back from your legislator, please keep NC NORML informed.

Review the fact sheets on the website for an overview of the evidence supporting cannabis legalization.  

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JOIN NC NORML activists to legalize cannabis!  Help NC NORML build the environment that will inspire legislators to legalize cannabis. All of us are needed.

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Wed Dec 9  7:30 pm Tues Jan 12 7:30 pm

If those times don’t work for you Review Advocacy training and a summary below the videos and email me at [email protected]  with questions  ttps://

If you’ve talked with your legislators, NC NORML needs your insights about your legislators!  If you have spoken to them please fill out the form linked below so we can link it to their individual records.

We will use the information to 

  • Judge how strong a bill might pass;
  • Find potential sponsors; and
  • Develop a potential vote count