North Carolina needs a coordinated constituency using all of our power to ensure high quality, equal, affordable access to cannabis. NC NORML is the cannabis consumer advocacy organization to bring North Carolinians together to ensure we accomplish our mission. A strong leadership team will get us there!

Learn more about the NC NORML Values and work in the 2021 Strategic Plan here.

General Leadership Requirements

  • Sign onto the NC NORML Leadership Ethics/Culture Agreement 
  • Represent NC NORML in a positive, professional light
  • Attend All Executive Committee Meetings (2-3 hours/month)
  • Promote NC NORML’s mission to increase visibility and encourage financial and volunteer support for the organization. This includes managing regular operations (communications, events, press, etc.), recruiting, developing and empowering fellow advocates, and/or sharing your personal story of involvement within your networks. 
  • Review revenues and expenses on a monthly basis to ensure the mission of the organization is being upheld. 
  • Participate in strategic planning and setting long-term goals.
  • Act on behalf of the organization and its interests, putting aside personal concerns, affiliations, or constituencies. 
  • Follow procedures and policies to be organized and administered in a manner that is in compliance with applicable laws. 
  • Be willing to make introductions to new networks, corporate sponsors, foundations, and helpful individuals. 
  • Google Drive, Google Calendar, Slack, Nationbuilder, Airtable competency (training and support provided to get you comfortable!)
  • Access to PC/Tablet/Laptop/Mobile 

Characteristics of Great Leaders

  • Motivated self-starter
  • Passionate about legalization
  • Curiosity to learn about state legislative processes
  • Willingness to make calls to legislative offices
  • Well-organized
  • Professionalism
  • Open to learning and continuous improvement mindset.
  • Ability to multitask and respond quickly, especially when the NC General Assembly is in session

NC NORML Leadership Positions:

Board Chair/Onboarding Chair

Every successful organization needs thoughtful planning and assurance that all activities are integrated and aligned with the strategic plan. This position oversees Executive meetings and ensures that new volunteers with fresh ideas can get up-to-speed as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Position Roles & Responsibilities

    • Annual Strategic Planning Facilitation/Publication
    • Annual Measures Definition and Tracking
    • Registered Agent for Legal Documents and Mail
    • Represent NC NORML at a variety of events and at presentations
    • Announce upcoming meeting, develop agenda,  and encourage participation 
    • Send reports after meetings to reiterate key decisions, tasks and responsibilities
    • Facilitate Development of the Annual Calendar of Events
    • Organize and facilitate regular volunteer onboarding sessions

Vice Chair/Legislative & Education Chair 

In North Carolina, we don’t have a ballot referendum, so cannabis legalization has to be passed by the NC General Assembly. This refers to the 120 Representatives and 50 Senators that represent their constituents (us!) in state lawmaking. This position ensures conversations with the NCGA are moving forward. 

Position Roles & Responsibilities

    • Ensure ongoing Legislative & Education Committee meetings to go over legislative strategy and coordinate targeted constituent outreach in key legislative districts
    • Attend meetings with legislators/staff as needed in coordination with Government Affairs
    • Assist Government Affairs Consultant in execution of the Legislative & Education strategy
    • Coordinate with fundraising chair to facilitate ongoing constituent education as part of every event
    • Ongoing communication/relationship building with constituents in key legislative districts
    • Oversee maintenance of NORML Smoke the Vote tool, especially during Congressional and NCGA election years (even numbered years)

Executive Director/Public Relations/Communications Co-Chair

Part of continuing the gains that NC NORML has made in public and legislators' minds, this position is to help make sure that NC NORML awareness and reputation continues to grow and improve across the great state of North Carolina. Media coverage, social media content, and contact is integral to all of it.

Position Roles & Responsibilities

    • Media Relations 
    • Social Media Posts/Analytics/Inbox(private messages to FB, IG, TW)
    • Instagram Messages (Private)/Facebook Messages (Private) 
    • LinkedIn -  private messages, public comments, boosting
    • Media Oversight when sudden coverage (facilitate staffing interviews)
    • Training on canvassing/tabling
    • Represent NC NORML at a variety of events and in presentations
    • Respond to private messages - Hootsuite (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)
    • Email - Monitor/Respond [email protected] and [email protected]
    • Legislative Media Relationships
    • Twitter- retweet, tagging, boosting
    • Manage Airtable Content Creation schedule

Deputy Director/Communications Chair 

Much of North Carolina doesn’t know that NC NORML is here. As we build out our advocacy activities, we also need to make sure we are reaching as many in the state from all areas of the state. We’ve invested in advanced tools for engagement, following what works to increase engagement, while understanding why. 

Position Roles & Responsibilities

    • Ensure regular meetings of the Communications Committee to accomplish goals
    • Monitor and respond to engagement trends on various social media platforms
    • Develop/build on social media and website traffic strategy
    • Create content and manage ongoing content creation cycle that is platform-appropriate and accessible 
    • Represent NC NORML at a variety of events and in presentations
    • Graphic design 
    • Manage posts to the website and email blasts (Nationbuilder experience a plus!)
    • Organize translation/transcription services

Secretary/Technology Chair 

A number of tools help to keep meetings to a minimum while still accomplishing the goal of a coordinated constituency assuring the rights of NC cannabis consumers. This position ensures that information is always up-to-date and that volunteers have access and support for using the necessary tools and information. Nationbuilder is something that has huge potential we haven't been able to maximize and this position, in coordination with the Executive and Deputy Directors will ensure that we do more with the tools we have.

Position Roles & Responsibilities

    • Administer and maintain volunteer tools access (Drive, Calendar, Slack, Nationbuilder, Airtable)
    • Manage data and forms in Airtable 
    • Google Calendar - meetings/calendar access
    • Lead Internal Meeting Management - Rotating agenda/facilitator schedules
    • Contact Relationship Management (Nationbuilder database)
    • Slack expertise/continuous improvement - internal messaging, decisions and activity between meetings
    • Organize links and best practices in zoom video conferencing

Treasurer/Fulfillment Chair 

The systems and supplies required to fulfill the NC NORML mission make the ongoing planning of cash inflow and outflow crucial. This position handles the timely payments and recognition of the important financial sustainers of NC NORML.

Position Roles & Responsibilities

    • Manage Annual Budget
    • Create Monthly Financial Report
    • Paid account renewals/management
    • Procurement - materials such as business cards, merch, etc.
    • Ship Welcome Letter, Gifts to Donors
    • Track Incoming Donors
    • Develop future Budget to accommodate future plans

Fundraising Chair

Events are integrally linked with the ability for NC NORML to raise the funds required to continue working toward the mission. This position envisions and executes all manner of activity to get in front of the public and keeping sustainers confident that the funds are going to excellent use, while strengthening our power as North Carolina's cannabis patients and consumers.

Position Roles & Responsibilities

    • Coalition Partner Opportunities
    • Represent NC NORML at a variety of events and in presentations
    • Event Production (coordination - speakers, etc.)
    • Event Production (technical)
    • ManyCam - livestreaming events to Facebook and YouTube
    • Media Production/editing 
    • Nationbuilder - Fundraising
    • Task/project management - ex. event checklist oversight

Government Affairs (Advisory Role)

In North Carolina, we don’t have a ballot referendum, so cannabis legalization has to be passed by the NC General Assembly. This refers to the 120 Representatives and 50 Senators that represent their constituents (us!) in state lawmaking. This position ensures conversations with the NCGA are moving forward. 

Position Roles & Responsibilities

    • Constituent Advocacy Strategy and Messaging that appeals to a broad range of world-views
    • Research all aspects of cannabis in order to counter oppositions’ arguments
    • Legislative - Calls to Action Planning (Nuggets) During Session (maybe outside session too)
    • NCGA Engagement
    • NCGA Visits
    • Strategy for non-NCGA Elected Officials
    • Maintain Airtable Legislator Tracking 
    • Interview and answers reporter questions
    • Elicit cooperation from stakeholders with a broad range of interests and backgrounds to support cannabis legalization  
    • Compose clear concise messaging for documents, research content, and website content
    • Requires interpersonal relationship skills including negotiation and mediation
    • Work with grassroots and business communities to gain support
    • Collaborate with lobbyists representing associations whose interests may relate to NC NORML’s legislative goals

We are no longer accepting applicants at this time, but we encourage you to still get involved and attend an orientation session to find out more about opportunities in our organization!