Send Us Your #MyNCCannabisStory And Ask NCGA Candidates A Question!

Do you have a #MyNCCannabisStory to share and would you like to ask the NC General Assembly a question?

As you know, we are preparing for our upcoming Candidate Cannabis Conversation.  We recognize that many people across the state care about this issue and aren’t able to travel to Chapel Hill on a weeknight.  North Carolina needs to hear your stories.  You don’t have to show your face and don’t share your name. These videos need to be really short to have an impact. This will also help you craft and refine a short script that you can reuse every time you are in front of a candidate in this important election year.  

Follow the guidelines below and you may see your video help change a candidate’s perspective.

By sending a video to North Carolina NORML, you are granting permission for North Carolina NORML or its delegates to use this video at any time, anywhere.

How to Make Your Constituent Video

  1. Think about one idea that you want to get across to anyone who would learn about why cannabis legalization is important to you. 
  2. Practice and Record - must be less than 60 seconds in length
  3. Re-record as needed!  No biggie.

If you want to record more than one video, you can send as many as you’d like! Each video should be able to stand alone.

  1. Put the video on Google Drive or another file sharing tool 
  1.   By 2/17, Invite [email protected] to access the video and we will take it from there.

Here’s a simple structure you can use as a guide to help you decide what to say:

“Hello I’m from NC” (DO NOT PROVIDE YOUR NAME and, unless absolutely related to your question, further defining your location at best wastes a few seconds and at worst, allows for additional bias) 5 seconds

“My basic position/understanding of this issue is… “ (if it feels necessary to clarify the reason for your interest/care/need to ask your cannabis question please do so, simply make an effort to keep this brief) 35 seconds

“My question is…” (keep it open ended if possible, clarify to whom it may be directed if necessary) 20 seconds

View our example video 

If you need special accommodations or assistance in recording, editing or planning your video, please shoot us an email at [email protected]. We will make every effort to facilitate an inclusive and all-encompassing conversation on cannabis in NC.

As always:

  • If you aren’t on our email list or have friends, family, and neighbors who aren’t, sign up at (NOTE: If you already completed the form and didn’t know who your reps were or their positions, you can re-submit it. We will take care of cleaning up duplicates.)
  • You can also stay up-to-date by following NC NORML on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter and check in on our website at Please subscribe to our YouTube channel: and check out our monthly Board Chats. We also have regional Facebook pages that you can join to have conversations with your NORML neighbors.