Share a #MyNCCannabisStory and Win Swag

One of the most powerful voices in the fight for #cannabis #lawreform is yours!

Everyone who shares a story that we can use will win @NCNORML #swag to be sent out this summer. 

Two years ago, @ncgovernor Roy Cooper stated the time was not right to discuss #marijuana law reform in #NC. We disagree, and those seeking our vote need to hear our stories, our reasons, and our experiences. Our stories emulate those seeking the benefits of a medical necessity. Our struggles, our choices, our challenges, and our pain are not always represented in the scientific data, but they carry a genuine connection to people suffering right now within #NorthCarolina. Help us #LegalizeIt, #TakeAction, enter to win NC NORML gear and show your support for marijuana legalization in NC.

It’s important to cover only one main idea at a time so the audience can quickly understand. This can be difficult because we can have many reasons why this is such an important issue.  But don’t worry, you can send in as many stories as you’d like. If you get stuck, we are here to help you!  The form allows you to request assistance.

IMPORTANT - Do not self-incriminate, reference use of THC >.3% inside NC unless necessary for your story (e.g. experiences related to enforcement)

How to enter:

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  2. Go to and fill in the details along with a link to your <60-second video or 200-word written story

For tips on crafting your #MyNCCannabisStory, please visit the Cannabis Session on this topic  You will also find example stories that may be useful. 

As always:

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