Tell Your #MyNCCannabisStory

How would your life be different if prohibition were over in NC? Telling your story is one form of activism. We want to help you tell it effectively

It’s important to cover only one main idea at a time so the audience can quickly understand. This can be difficult because we can have many reasons why this is such an important issue.  But don’t worry, you can send in as many stories as you’d like. If you get stuck, we are here to help you!  The form allows you to request assistance.

IMPORTANT – Do not self-incriminate, reference use of THC >.3% inside NC unless necessary for your story (e.g. experiences related to enforcement)


  1. Why is cannabis law reform important to you?
  2. What would be different about your life if you had access to all high quality, affordable, labeled cannabis products?
  3. How might legal cannabis help a family member?
  4. Experiences in states with legalized marijuana

Video Tips:

  1. Do I need to show my face or use my name? We prefer you not say your name, but it’s up to you whether you show your face. 
  2. How long should the video be? <1 minute These videos need to be short to have an impact. This will also help you craft and refine a short script that you can reuse every time you are in front of a political candidate in this important election year.
  3. Think about one idea that you want to get across to anyone who would learn about why cannabis legalization is important to you. 
    1. View our example video 
    2. Draft a script. You won’t necessarily read it word for word but it will certainly help to gather your thoughts before pressing record. Here is a sample:
      1. “Hello I’m from NC” (DO NOT PROVIDE YOUR NAME or further define your location, unless necessary for your story.  At best, this wastes a few seconds and at worst, allows for additional bias) 5 seconds
      2. “Cannabis legalization is important to me because… “ OR “My story began when ……(tell your experience, your symptoms, how your life is affected) 35 seconds
    3. Practice, Revise and Record – must be less than 60 seconds in length
    4. Re-record as needed!  No biggie.
  4. Can I record more than one story? Send as many as you’d like! Each video should be able to stand alone in its content.

Written Story Example:

I come by my anxiety honestly. My mother suffered at least one nervous breakdown – I was ten – and 50 years later my father killed himself with a handgun.  Between those years, I rode the anxiety roller coaster. I still do.

To cope, I’ve used several interventions: therapy, exercise, and SSRIs. I also tried pot.

Twenty years ago, as part of a whirlwind trip, I found myself in Amsterdam, filled with too much travel worry. Pot was legal there, so I inhaled. With one quiet breath, I shed my anxiety like old skin. 

And then I came home to North Carolina, where prohibition reigned.

Today I rarely leave my house. For me, the benefits of getting out into the world are swamped by constant, irrational worry. That’s my anxiety talking. It’s debilitating.

I’m writing this because I want to help change North Carolina’s marijuana laws. I’m frustrated to live in a state that prohibits medical cannabis, a treatment I know is effective for anxiety. Instead, I’m held captive by the pharmaceutical industry. I still take prozac. It doesn’t help much. 

North Carolina is home to thousands upon thousands of people living smaller lives and worrying needlessly because they suffer from anxiety. I’m one of them. 

Access to a simple plant could alleviate much of this suffering. People could be happier.

How can anyone be against that?


Telling your story to family, friends, and legislators can be very powerful and effective. Every activist has their own reasons for wanting to change the laws in North Carolina. 

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