We’re Looking Backward And Forward To Ensure We Remain Strong And Effective!

Here’s our last Weekly Nugget for 2020 – thank you for your support throughout this very challenging year!

January is a month for reflection (looking back) and resolution (looking forward). Successful non-profit organizations, like successful for-profit corporations, often use two tools to let stakeholders know the results of these processes. The Board of Directors and many of our volunteers have been working to ensure that we give you a transparent and clear-eyed picture of our reflections and resolutions.

Reflections: Our 2020 Annual Report will show you what we accomplished during a very challenging year.

Resolutions: Our 2021 Strategic Plan will show you our blueprint for building on the strong foundation we have laid in 2020.

Find your niche in 2021 as an NC NORML volunteer! 

Find your niche in 2021 as an NC NORML volunteer! We hold Volunteer Orientation sessions monthly - check out our Events page for our next session!   

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