What can you do now that the NCGA has adjourned?

Your NC Representative and Senator are back home now! The NCGA will crank back up in January, but your Rep or Sen may be making appearances or holding coffee chats or other forums. 

If you don’t know who represents you, find them here at https://www.ncleg.gov/RnR/Representation, click either NC House or NC Senate and enter your physical address.  Emails and phone numbers are available there. Seek them out on social media too!

Remember the Best Ways to Be Heard:

  • Dress and act professionally.
  • They are just regular people who can’t possibly know everything about everything.
  • Patient persistence pays off.

Weekly Actions:

  1. Look for your legislators’ official pages on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and like or follow them.
  2. Take the annual NORML membership survey to help weigh in on how we can be effective. https://tinyurl.com/NORMLMember2019 

Potential Conversation Starters:

  • What is your position on legal, adult use of cannabis?
  • What do you think about legal medical cannabis with designated caregiver rights?

If you have questions or get important information, please shoot us an email at [email protected].

As always:

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