What Do You Know About NC NORML’s 501(c)(4) Designation?

We get a lot of questions about what we can and can’t do in regards to our lobbying efforts.

As a 501(c)(4) we’re considered a social welfare group, which allows us a little more freedom than a group with a 501(c)(3) non-profit designation. We can support legislation and lobby elected officials to support our efforts as a 501(c)(4). We can’t support or interfere with any single campaign for office. We can also educate voters about how current legislators have voted on key bills and about documented positions with regard to cannabis held by legislators and candidates for office. We continuously follow these rules so we can keep working to bring real cannabis reform to North Carolina. 

If you’d like to help us with our mission, now is a great time to get involved! NC NORML has several board-directed committees for carrying out the important work of guiding the strategic plan, and they can always use more help. Committees tend to meet bi-weekly for an hour through Google Hangouts, with a few hours of work done independently or in small groups in between meetings. Current and upcoming committees include:

  • Onboarding Committee
  • Communications Committee
  • Events Committee
  • Fundraising & Membership Committee
  • Legislative &  Education  Committee
  • Can we count you in for cannabis reform? If so, we hope you will take action today and apply here: https://www.ncnorml.org/help-wanted/

While our 501(c)(4) designation does not make contributions tax exempt, we hope you’ll still consider donating whatever you can give to help us make our work more impactful: https://www.ncnorml.org/become-a-member/

As always:

- Sign up at www.ncnorml.org/get-involved/ so we can reach you with specific information on your representatives.

- Stay up-to-date by checking in on our website www.ncnorml.org and following NC NORML on social media:

- Facebook facebook.com/NCNORML 

- Instagram www.instagram.com/ncnorml 

- YouTube youtube.com/c/NCNORML (subscribe to be notified of new videos!)

- Twitter twitter.com/NC_NORML