What Does Cannabis Have To Do With COVID-19?

Happy Memorial Day! From our NC NORML family to yours, we hope you have a safe and refreshing holiday weekend.

While you’re chillin’ this weekend, we’d like to offer up some light reading and a super quick and easy way to get involved and make a difference, by signing our petition below!

COVID-19 and Cannabis

Coronavirus. COVID-19. Other nicknames that aren’t needlessly offensive. Whatever you call it, it’s everywhere, affecting pretty much everything. As soon as we started familiarizing ourselves with the ins and outs of social distancing and seeing crazy things at the grocery store, this pandemic has shed light on some stark realities that too often fly under the radar. You’ve heard about the impact of the virus on people dealing with food insecurity,  living paycheck-to- paycheck, or having inadequate healthcare, but what about the real people out there who are already facing hardships due to unjust cannabis regulations?

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Support legalization of cannabis in NC!

So now that you’ve had a quick cannabis session and are feeling all fired up, why not take a few minutes to make a difference? We’ve put together a very simple petition to show our legislators that the people of North Carolina support cannabis legalization. 

I support legalization of cannabis in NC that is accessible to regular entrepreneurs; not just wealthy corporations. I support the right of people to grow at home just as people have the right to "home brew" beer. NC must establish an affordable, regulated marketplace that provides adults and patients with access to accurately labeled, high quality cannabis products.”

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