What Is The Cost Of Prohibition?

You receive our updates because you understand the problems associated with the prohibition of cannabis, whether because you feel it's simply wrong to block access to potentially helpful medication or you think that the criminalization of a plant is just problematic.

But, did you know that the data are with you? Research continues to show a decline in crime following legalization! It’s becoming clear that prohibition, not cannabis is the cause of crime.

Fact Sheets/Research

Check out this brand new section of the NC NORML website! We have been working hard to curate vetted, reliable resources at your fingertips to address common objections to legalizing cannabis. To view the section, go to ncnorml.org and click on Facts Sheets/Research

This week, we are highlighting the section called Research-Crime, which can be accessed directly at https://www.ncnorml.org/research-crime/

You'll find information about how to measure impairment rather than THC as well as information to dispel myths about crime associated with cannabis legalization.

Also, be sure to check out the fact sheets, especially this one, which quickly hits the highlights from the sources above.


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